Mondelliani… Feel Sunny
Mondelliani people are passionate about design and color, especially when it comes to eyewear, the only accessory one can’t do without.
Born in Rome, Mondelliani is now bringing its unique style to the world.
The concept: colorful and comfortable eyewear that makes you feel playful and sunny

Mondelliani Shops are located in the heart of Rome, on Via dei Bergamaschi 49, Via del Pellegrino 98 and on Via dei Prefetti 11. Places  where you can find Mondelliani collections together with best international eyewear brands. Our aim is to find the perfect pair of glasses that fit  your face and personality.

Mondelliani Glasses always looking for quality, decided to do a partnership with Zeiss, a world company  leader in the production of spectacle lenses and optical products.

If you need to contact Mondelliani Glasses for information about a product, orders, shipments or to know all our news …

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